To manage or support the implementation of information technology.

About Me

University seems like a lifetime ago but it bears mention. I studied business at UW-Wisconsin Madison. I planned to complete a real estate program. Meanwhile, I worked for First Rockford Group, a nearby, quite diversified, real estate development group.

Soon thereafter I decided I wanted to spend more time on my profession, less on my studies. I learned I could graduate early with a BA in history, and proceeded to do so. During my short tenure as a historian I managed to publish this research, which I enjoyed compiling very much.

But as it turned out I did not time my entry into the industry well. I graduated winter 2007; the market collapsed by 2009. I decided such a cyclical industry wasn't for me.

Soon thereafter, I began working at Epic. It felt similar to First Rockford Group in some ways - many, many projects to keep track of; many, many "hats to wear"; fast pace; in a word, "dynamic."

I thrive in, and quite enjoy, dynamic work environments.

Recent Experience at Epic

Quality Assurance/Customer Technical Support at Epic (2011 - Present)

For the last 5+ years I've worked at Epic, an enterprise healthcare IT vendor in the capacities of quality assurance and technical support representatives. I have a knack for, and quite enjoy, finding creative solutions to problems and pushing the limits of Epic's technology. Helping Epic customers achieve strategic goals through creative use of Epic software is my greatest pleasure.

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BA, History, UW-Wisconsin Madison (2004-2007)